Police to population ratio…

In the Philippines the 2011 ratio of Police to population is 1:743… Get it? How can 1 police officer protect 743 people? It’s a freaking nightmare! Let’s say we are in a group of 743 individuals let’s name this group as group “Manila” and one policeman is assigned to us… Person A is part of “manila” then person A is being robbed and our assigned policeman responds to the situation. Suddenly person B also part of group “manila” is also being robbed how can 1 policeman respond to two situations at the same time? And this only consists of two persons… What if the whole group is being robbed? Well not unless the policeman is Clark Kent then it’s a different story… So my point is to defend yourself by owning a gun, be vigilant and please take care of yourself because your life is precious don’t waste it on another crime statistic… We were given a brain use it to preserve life…


About Andres@Weapons Review

Hi! I am Andre Prieto I have been a gun owner, enthusiast and shooter for 5 years now… I’m currently applying for a job which deals with security… Anyway I want to dedicate this site for all the Filipino shooters, enthusiasts, and would be gun owners… In this blog I will show the importance of owning weapons for home and self defense… I will also be posting videos, pictures and guides for this particular topic… If this is the way that I can help my society lessen crime then this is not a bad way to start… And last is that this page is not limited to guns you can ask anything as long as it is related to home and self defense… Thank you! I hope I can make my country a safer place…

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